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Computer problems got you down! We all have that loss of mind moment when it comes to technology issues. Creative Technology Solutions has been a premier computer repair company since 2002. Let us help you with all your computer and Information Technology issues and avoid the aggravation and worries.


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Below is a brief description of our primary services. Please visit our Computer Services page for a full list of services.

Computer Repair Services, are typical everyday problem resolution. These issues can be hardware, software, network or any other technology related problems. Most computer troubleshooting and repairs are performed on the customer’s site, but at times, equipment may be brought to CTS’s office for the repair. Travel time expenses are not incurred by our customers for any repairs done at CTS’s office. Total customer satisfaction is always our goal.

Computer maintenance programs are our premier services, custom tailored for each customer. These programs consist of maintenance performed on a regular schedule. Along with this service, we include free remote and phone support for minor problem resolution. Also included is free technical advice and research for new equipment. All emergency system repair issues have top priority. Many other added features are incorporated into this program.

Website design with SEO included is another service offered. This can be a website built from scratch or modifying and performing SEO services on existing websites. CTS works closely with customers to create websites with their company brand, feel and look. This is accomplished by constantly informing the customer of our progress. Modifications are frequently applied to providing continuous SEO on the site.

Computer networking is anything to do with networking. This could include complete re-wiring a facility to just adding a new network card in a PC. All equipment purchased is approved by our customer with many options to choose from.

Virus removal is just as it is stated, removing viruses. We do take it a step further and offer a managed anti-virus program. This gives us the ability to remotely manage our customers anti-virus program, providing total protection.

Malware removal is also a service very close to anti-virus removal. There are some differences between a virus and many types of malware. Our managed anti-virus program also includes managed anti-malware protection.

Computer upgrade services include any hardware upgrade. This can be total Server or PC upgrade or replacement of something as simple as a printer upgrade. Any hardware upgrade is considered computer upgrade service.

Software upgrade service is similar to hardware upgrade service but is for any software upgrades. This can be Operating System, Microsoft Office or any other application software. CTS will research all requirements for software upgrades.

Data migrations services include items such as a hardware upgrade on a PC. Data is saved and migrated to the new PC. New e-mail service can also require data migration for all current e-mail to be moved to the new service.

Mission Statement:

CTS is dedicated in providing exceptional technical support and technology repair service to all our clients. We pride ourself in all areas of support given to each customer. Customer satisfaction our number 1 priority when supporting all hardware, software, network or web site issues. All our technical support can be 100% successful by living up to standards and all our core values.


Creative Technology has always been based on a set of core values since it’s beginning in 2002. These core values are what make CTS stand out as a premier Technology Service provider. We continue to provide the best service to our customers always based on our company’s core values.

Creative Technology Solutions Core Values

Living by these core values for all our Technology Services, we believe this to be the foundation for excellent customer relations and our success maintaining long-term business partners and clients.

Customer Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction will always be our number one priority. By living up to all the core values, we believe our customers will get the best service and support and will ensure total customer satisfaction for all your technical needs.



Without integrity, you cannot achieve any level of customer satisfaction. Integrity comes from within and becomes part of a person’s life professionally and personally. All services at CTS are performed with great integrity and pride.

Reliable technicians


Being reliable is always a concern with all customers. If customers cannot count on the support people they choose and hire, then customer satisfaction will never be achieved. We believe in doing as we say and being reliable at all times.

Professionalism on all repairs


Professionalism is a core value we take great pride in. Being and acting professional on a customer’s site is also critical. Our customers often have their customers and vendors on site. Their support personnel must alway act in a professional manner while resolving all technical issues on all our customer sites.

Teamwork to provide excellent IT service


At CTS, we form partnerships with all our customers and become part of their team, building teamwork within each department. Understanding each department’s function within a company is critical for overall customer satisfaction.

Honesty while providing technology repair


Being upfront and honest with customers is always crucial for any respect to be earned. No matter what the circumstances, honesty has been and will always be the best policy. We never underestimate our customer and are alway totally honest in all areas our support and services.

We are committed to providing the best support and most cost-effective solutions to all our customers.

We are committed to finding the best and innovative solutions to all our customers.

We are committed to living up to all our core values and becoming business partners with all our customers.


Creative, innovative technology solutions provided by Creative Technology Solutions Inc. We continually look for the best technology solutions for our customers. As technology rapidly changes, we continue to research new and innovative solutions presenting current and new products to our customers.

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Service Excellence


At Creative Technology Solutions, we strive to provide all our services with pride and service excellence. Customer satisfaction and service excellence go hand in hand which CTS continues to provide to all customers.


From Creative Ideas to Technology Solutions, is our motto at Creative Technology Solutions Inc. Thinking out of the box while brainstorming with our customers has proven to create some of the best solutions. Creative minds create creative solutions.

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