Virus Removal

Let our Virus Removal Service eliminate all your threats.

Like Malware, computer viruses can often be detected during routine computer repair.


Creative Technology Solutions has been providing Virus Removal service to the greater Atlanta area since 2002.

No matter how much you keep your anti-virus applications up to date, viruses still seem to intrude computers.  It may take some time for your anti-virus vendor to add the virus definition into their software.

In the meantime, computers are vulnerable to new viruses.  At times you may be able to remove the viruses yourself which is a good thing; however, this is not always the case.  CTS has the experience troubleshooting and removing viruses.


Virus Detected

Please call CTS for help removing all your viruses before any further destruction may occur.  Don’t confuse Malware with viruses.  Please see Malware Removal for a further description.