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Creative Technology Solutions (CTS) was founded on January 1, 2002 in Douglasville Georgia by a 30 plus year Computer veteran.  The company’s main focus has always been on small business without technical staff on board. CTS is a computer repair company that offers many other services.

CTS partners up with these small businesses and becomes part of each customer’s IT support staff. CTS provides all technical functions and sometimes plays a major role in IT budget preparation.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction, going above and beyond when possible. Off hour research, beta testing hardware/software and phone support are just a few items CTS provides for our customers. These value added tasks are typically at no cost to our Customers and on CTS’s own time.  This additional support has been crucial for maintaining our long-term customers for all these years.

Finding new and improved ways to use technology has been and always will be investigated for all customers helping their company grow and continue being as profitable as they can be.

Our vision has always been to gain the trust of our customers, letting CTS become their total technical resource.


Creative Technology has always been based on a set of core values since it’s beginning in 2002.  These core values are what make CTS stand out as a premier Technology Service provider.  We continue to provide the best service to our customers always based on our company’s core values.

Core Values
Living by these core values for all our Technology Services, we believe this to be the foundation for excellent customer relations and our success maintaining long-term business partners and clients.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction will always be our number one priority. By living up to all the core values, we believe our customers will get the best service and support and will ensure total customer satisfaction for all your technical needs.
Without integrity,  you cannot achieve any level of customer satisfaction. Integrity comes from within and becomes part of a person’s life professionally and personally. All services at CTS are performed with great integrity and pride.
Being reliable is always a concern with all customers.  If customers cannot count on the support people they choose and hire, then customer satisfaction will never be achieved.  We believe in doing as we say and being reliable at all times.
Professionalism is a core value we take great pride in.  Being and acting professional on a customer’s site is also critical.  Our customers often have their customers and vendors on site. Their support personnel must alway act in a professional manner while resolving all technical issues on all our customer sites.
At CTS, we  form partnerships with all our customers and become part of their team,  building teamwork within each department.  Understanding each department’s function within a company is critical for overall customer satisfaction.
Being upfront and honest with customers is always crucial for any respect to be earned.  No matter what the circumstances, honesty has been and will always be the best policy.  We never underestimate our customer and are alway totally honest in all areas our support and services.
Let Creative Technology Solutions become your next Technology partner!
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